Jordan Proctor starring…


Robert Sean Leonard (aka Neil Perry, Dr. Wilson)



It started in the spring (lets say April) of 2006. I was leading the Jr. High ministry, spending Mondays working at the church. Jordan was the student ministries intern and House MD was half way through its second season on Fox. Late one Tuesday night while watching my favorite new show, one of the characters really stuck out.


I know it’s that guy from Dead Poet’s Society, but his mannerisms, and some Robert1of the faces he makes remind me of someone, I told myself, but I just couldn’t place him. The next Monday, as I sat in my office looking out of the window into the library, (yes my windows looked out into the library, I know, it’s weird, lets move on) I saw Jordan walk in and it hit me. Of course, it’s Jordan, Jordan is Wilson/Neil (that guy from Dead Poet’s Society). They have similar facial features and expressions, and some of the mannerism similarities are uncanny (side note, I can’t say or type the word uncanny without thinking about the X-Men. They have complete ownership of it in my mind). To this day, Paul (Bill S. Preston, Esq.) gets a little creeped out while watching House and noticing how similar their mannerisms are.


As one might imagine, I was fairly please with myself at making such a profound discovery. I quickly shared my findings with anyone that would listen, and insisted they check it out for themselves. Come the next Monday, almost everyone reported back that there was definitely something there, everyone that is except the man himself. Jordan was having none of it. “I don’t look anything like him”, “I don’t act like him”, “no, not even a little”, he would tell me. I pleaded my case, but to no avail.


Jordan-2Weeks went by and he wouldn’t budge on the issue. Despite his refusal to except what was clearly before, and on his face, (I know, I’m sorry, that was really lame, It’s been a long week) I won (at least to my mind) the disagreement when Sean (his brother) reported that he had presented the idea to his Mom while Robert2watching an episode of House and that she was on my side. “Sweet Victory” I declared, how could he argue with his mother? Who could know him better? I thought about jumping up and quoting Keating, “Go on, lean in. Listen, you hear it? … Carpe … hear it? – – Carpe, carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary.“ But I didn’t and as far as I know, he still hasn’t given in.


There are at least minor similarities between Jordan and Neil. Both sought/are seeking after fairly unconventional careers. Neil with the theater and Jordan with his Cello. Both love the arts. I can almost hear Jordan saying Neil’s lines, “If I were ever going to buy a desk set, twice, I would probably buy this one. Both times! In fact, its shape is… it’s rather aerodynamic, isn’t it?” or “Oh my! Well, I wouldn’t worry. You’ll get another one next year.”


Robert3The obvious difference being that Jordan has incredibly supportive parents and Neil’s dad was, to put it nicely, a tyrant. So as Neil was left only quoting them, Jordan continues to peruse Thoreau’s famous words, “I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life.”
Darn it Neil, the name is Nuwanda!


First Up, Paul Ikonen starring…


Alex Winter (aka Bill S. Preston Esq.) of course.

Bill S. Preston Esq.From the moment I met him with his (then) super blond, really curly hair,  I (and many others I later found) suspected that Paul was in fact the second coming of one half of Wyld Stallyns (pause for air guitar…. umm sorry).

Though Alex is much older, the resemblance is just uncanny and I really think it’s worth the Dawson Casting. I’m convinced I could show the above picture to some of his family and completely fool them. If you are having trouble, yes, the picture on the top left is in fact Alex and not Paul.

In addition to looking similar, I want any actors being considered to play a close friend of mine to be able to help whoever is playing me seem as funny as possible. Alex somehow fooling us into thinking Keanu Reeves was a really funny guy helps seal the deal for me.

If somehow you aren’t convinced, let me leave you with this. Sixteen years before Paul took up the quest of telling the world they need to  “love their neighbor”, Bill S. Preston, when speaking to the three most important people in the world, gave us a similar goal to live by, “Be excellent to each other”.  Most triumphant!

Casting my life…

It’s a fairly simple concept, one that many are familiar with, at least from the other way around. If someone was making a movie of my life, who would play the various people I know? So goes the recurring conversation that has popped up years. Occurring everywhere from long drives home from “up north” to, most recently, sitting in a big group at a restaurant for a friend’s birthday. It’s a more interesting twist on the somewhat common question, “Who would play you in a movie?” The idea was born in that question and morphed through reading the “Casting Call” feature in Wizard magazine, where, a team at Wizard proposes dream casts for potential film adaptations of various comic books.

It will pop up while watching a movie or TV show, usually because some actor or actress looks or acts like some friend of ours. It comes up in big groups where someone is trying to explain an actor or actress by using the phrase “you know, the one who looks like….” And now, it has brought us here.

The rules as it were:

1) In each post I will propose and actor or actress to play a friend or acquaintance in the movie about my life. There will be pictures and I will plead my case.

2) I will try to cast actors and actresses that are close to age appropriate. I will try but I won’t always.

3) People are free to comment on the choice and offer better alternatives.

4) You are not welcome to give me “advice” on who should play you. No, I don’t think Hugh Laurie would be great playing you.

5) I am the supreme ruler of this blog and may ignore or change any and all rules as I see fit.

*author’s note: I know that my life would not make a very interesting movie. The movie isn’t really the point.